Why might this challenge be right for you?

If you're like me, you may already be feeling the push and the rush of the holiday season. 

It wasn't too long ago that every January I would "wake up" after a busy December, feeling like a Mac truck ran over me. 

Keeping up with the "day to day" on top of the extra demands of the season became so hard, that by the end of the month I was completley fried. 

 And eventually somewhere in December, I gave in to just "trying to survive the holidays".

Perhaps you're already doing what I used to do...

I'd put my head down, power through, and I'd tell myself that "things will get back to normal in the new year". 

I remember feeling so badly about how I got through the holidays. 

I knew I was missing out on the fun and the joy. 

I could tell that I wasn't really present in the memory making. 

But, it was the only way I knew how to create a holiday worth remembering.

I ran on autopilot and waited for a better time to create balance in my life.

But here's the thing...

The frenetic pace of the typical holiday season won’t slow down. 

And our "do more" to "be more" culture won't back off.

It's up to us (YOU and ME) to design the December we want.


  The Design Your December Challenge is 

the structure that will give you the freedom to reclaim your holiday

 and get a head start on your new year.  

During the Design Your December Challenge, 

you’ll design your holiday around what YOU want

 and how YOU want to feel.  

I promise... you CAN have peace. 

You CAN create joy.

You CAN experience fulfillment. 

(Yup... even among your busy, crazy life. ) 

Since those Januarys of my past, I've gone on to use my teaching background and my coaches training...

 and I learned for myself how to stop running on empty and I designed a life I love!!

Now I teach other high achieving women how to create a life THEY love, using this same system. 

If you heard yourself anywhere in my story (even just a little bit) then I want you to join me, and click here to 

 Design Your December. 

Here's what you'll get during this FREE 30-day program:

  • 1 month digital download of the Living Fully Balanced Life Planner
  • 30 day membership in the private Design Your December Facebook group
  • Weekly emails with all the tools, strategies and mindset shifts YOU need to create the holiday YOU want.
  • Weekly Facebook Live videos and Q&A sessions, ensuring that you can customize and design this December YOUR WAY. 
  • The foundational Living Fully Balanced Process, which allows you to enter the holidays with a plan, feel in control of your calendar AND set yourself up for your best year ever.
  • Support and encouragement from women like you, who are intentionally creating a life they love, using the Living Fully Balanced Process. 


For Women Who:

  • Are the keepers of family traditions and the organizers of the family calendars
  • Know the value of systems and structure, yet they struggle to follow those systems when things get overly busy
  • Want to continue making an impact at work and at home, even during this busy time of year
  • Know that in order to do their important work, increasing their energy and building their capacity is essential, but they believe it’s just not possible during the month of December
  • Can't afford to lose themselves in the midst of an overloaded holiday season  

What Can You Expect?

  • You'll be a part of a community of women willing to stand against the hustle and bustle.
  • Live support from Lisa Bobyak, Life Balance and Life Design Coach
  • An abundance of strategies and tools that will create a holiday season of joy and peace
  • Systems that you'll continue using long after the holiday is over
  • No more feeling overwhelmed, over scheduled and (dare I say it?) overweight this season

When Can I Start?

  • The challenge begins December 3rd, but sign up today via the green buttons on this page to make sure you don't miss out
  • If you're only catching this after the challenge has already started, guess what... it's not too late.
  • I'm an advocate of "Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are."
  • So, I want you join ANYTIME during December, and start from there. 
  • There is no "perfect" time to start. 
  • The best time to start is now.. right where you are. 
  • And I'll welcome you there

"Working with Lisa is always insightful, thought provoking and meaningful. You will be challenged and inspired to move forward. She is gifted at what she does."

- Ilene Adam (Austin, TX)

"Lisa is wonderful! She is so encouraging, and takes the time to create a plan that works for you. She held me accountable without being pushy. With Lisa's help, I have been able to become more flexible in my thinking, more realistic with my goals and expectations, and truly understand what it means to live a balanced life."

- Erica Swanson (Minneapolis, MN)

Reach out to me with any questions. 612-702-9848 Lisa@LivingFullyBalanced.com